Our Farm

At Casale delle Ginestre we’re proud of our meticulous attention to detail, which goes far beyond the tastefully furnished rooms and suites we offer.

It also transcends our respect for our local cultural traditions exemplified in the cuisine we serve. Our attention to detail is also exemplified through the direct contact with nature we offer, making us the ideal destination for both adults and children.

This is the true essence of what it means to choose a farmstay for your holiday: having the opportunity to spend time immersed in the beauty of nature, with a nearby farm, an infinity pool and a play area. Our special area dedicated to animals and growing vegetables means dining in Il Casale’s restaurant is a culinary delight, and a moment to rediscover authentic flavours that can only come from using genuine locally sourced ingredients, either home-grown or selected from local farmers who share our same values.

The Il Casale farm provides an exclusive opportunity to learn about the day-to-day workings of our farmstay, from how we grow our vegetables to how we raise our turkeys, goats, geese and hens: this too means care – indeed love – for details, and also for our animals.

All this makes Il Casale delle Ginestre the ideal destination for families with children, and as we are pet-friendly, we’re also perfect for anyone organising a holiday with their four-legged friend, be it a dog, cat or any other pet (please read our terms and conditions on the “Rooms & Apartment” page).

Our educational farm activities are open to all guests and included in your room or apartment rate: for information on times and how to book your experience, please contact reception or ask for more information when you book your stay.

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